Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day +9

I woke with anticipation, waiting on the blood results that had been drawn at 2:30am. The white blood cell count should start spiking today...

Andrea, my nurse during the night, came in at 7:30am, but brought disappointing news. My white blood cell count was still <0.1, my platelets count had fallen again, and now my haemoglobin level had fallen below the safe threshold.

My nurse for the day was Becky, and she was charged with the task of giving me platelets and blood in order to raise my 'levels'. 

And so my morning was spent having the platelets and blood transfusion, helped along with pre-meds (which sedated me). I was done by about lunchtime, so Vineetha picked up a Butter Chicken masala box for me from the cafeteria on the 2nd floor.

After showering, I decided the white blood cells needed to be shaken out, and I prepared myself for a walk around the unit. 

I intended to do one round, but as each circuit of the unit neared its end I pushed myself to do another. I eventually completed 5 circuits of the unit (representing 0.35 of a mile). It's not far, but for me it was a morale victory! 

The room at Fairfield Inn had become available today, so I persuaded Vineetha to stay there for the night. After two and a half weeks of sleeping on a bench and using a common shower and toilet, she deserved some comfortable surroundings. 

The night was lonely without her in the room, so I watched a movie and tried to get some sleep before the 2:30am blood draw ... 

ML Hi Ben, I've been thinking about you a lot. I know it's easier said than done, but don't get disheartened , everyone's engraftment is different but I'm sure you are very close. The night before my white cells started to move I had a strong ache in my lower back and hips and knew something was happening. Then when they moved it was only from <0.1 to 0.1 . The platelet and blood transfusions will keep you safe and strong until your bone marrow starts releasing all those wonderful healthy new cells. Maybe it's just taking a day or two longer to ensure that when they do move to your peripheral blood they are absolutely perfect !

1 August at 15:24

BTR Thanks Monique. My counts started moving this morning and I was at 0.3. They will give me an early Neupogen shot, and another blood draw after lunch. If I hit 0.8, I can be discharged this evening .. woohoo!!
1 August at 15:35

DC Go white blood cells!
1 August at 15:45

ML Great News ! It's only up from here! How long will you stay in Chicago ? We're still here.
1 August at 15:46

WM Well done Ben one little step at a time and your mrs R does it coz she luvs the very bones of you...:))X
1 August at 15:49

SK take care ben! between your positive attitude and vineetha chechi's TLC you will be out of there in no time!
1 August at 15:54

SS yup one step at a time....sometimes it may take a lil longer than expected but never ever lose hope....praying for you and Vineetha .....everything will be fine.....
1 August at 16:35

AD'S Wonderful news that your count is going up. Praying and rooting for you.
1 August at 20:08

DB This is your mountain - think positive and you WILL conquer it !
1 August at 23:02

SA oh Ben.... you've got this one...u ain't giving up without a've come a long way....its all gonna be fabulous...have faith! 
2 August at 00:44

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