Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day +5

Sorry for the lack of updates, but my energy levels have really been bouncing along the bottom.

This was as expected, and Dr Burt had no concerns since my 'numbers' were exactly where they should be.

As I am neutropenic, my vital signs continue to be monitored every 4 hours. This along with the 8 hourly IV antibiotics means that sleep is hard to come by.

Connie was my nurse for the evening.

On another note, my buddy Bryan Hinkle was discharged on Thursday. He has made a great recovery, but I miss having a friend on the other side of the concrete wall

As usual, my Rock [Vineetha Rajan] continues to be resilient to everything thrown at her. Each time I turn over to look at her, she is smiling. Soon she will be able to sleep in a proper bed and get a good night's rest.

My kids on the other hand have fallen in love with USA, so prising them out of the country may be a problem ...

  • Seen by 40
  • EBG Checking up on you everyday and I think you have been amazingly strong and brave. Am praying for you and in my thoughts. Xx
    27 July at 16:49
  • SA Go Ben!!!! So looking forward to seeing you, Vineetha and the girls again....always praying for your healthy recovery...and Vineetha's recovery from worry and stress as well!  xxxx
    27 July at 17:00
  • BAH We miss you too. Your attitude has been amazing and that is what will carry you through. Stay strong, stay positive. -Bryan
    27 July at 17:11
  • SA Ben, You are doing incredibly well and hats off to you vineetha for being so strong and wonderful.. Not long now and you too will be discharged soon with a positive outcome.. can't wait for all of you to come back home soon xxx
    28 July at 13:45

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