Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day -4

I had the usual 5:30am wake up call for the blood draw and EKG. I was still fairly tired, so decided to go back to bed until 6:45am, as I knew Dr Burt would be making his rounds soon.

As I was connected to my IV pole 24 hours a day until Day -1, I had to call the nurse to wrap up my PICC line, and with a feat resembling a circus trick, I removed my t-shirt through all the tubes so that I could take a shower.

With my morning cleansing done, breakfast arrived from the canteen and my hazelnut coffee hand delivered from Au bon Pain by my dear wife.

Dr Burt and Amy Morgan dropped by, and we were finally reassured when Dr Burt confirmed he had no concerns with the patch on my head.

I popped my head out of the door and met Bryan Hinkle who was on Day +2, and doing remarkably well. I hope for that next week.

I was preparing to walk with Bryan, but was called back for my Cytoxan infuse, and as I was feeling a little nauseous, I was also given copaxamine which put me to sleep.

A few hours later they started the premedication for the rATG, including Benadryl, and so that was me completely out of it until 8pm. Surprisingly, I was not too hungry despite missing lunch.

Anyhow, I was feeling pretty groggy and tried to watch a movie, but just ended up having a restless night.

Each day will be different, and at least I have another one under my belt!!

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  • WM One day at a time...... X
    19 July at 19:13
  • BEVJ Hey Ben, Just wanted you to know that we are reading all your posts . They are very informative and well written but we also feel like we are a part of your journey. Tony reads through them regularly even though he is not on FB ..Your whole approach is very balanced and measured and we all have a lot to learn from the way you are handling the whole thing. Love to Vineetha and the girls
    20 July at 03:45

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