Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day +6

Last night was quite difficult as I had developed severe pain in my hands and lower arms

I usually ride out the pain, but this time it was too intense so I called the nurse for Tylenol. This kicked in after half an hour and I slept well

I woke with more energy, and started the hotel booking process for my anticipated discharge by the end of the week

On another note, my weight had dramatically increased last week due to the IV steroid pre-meds. I topped out at 61kg.

Vineetha has a paranoia of being heavier than me, and the 61kg gave her adequate 'headroom' to eat whatever she liked. So it was "Maybe I'll have a steak, or a burger or perhaps some dessert"

Unfortunately for her, my weight has dropped this week as fast as it was put on.

The next thing I know, she has visited The Protein Bar and bought a pot of chilli for me (not a regular size, but an all American sized one). She walks into the room and says "EAT!!!"

I managed about two-thirds of it, so she had to finish the rest.

Next, she bought two Kit Kats, and again said "EAT!"

I had one immediately, and thought I'd have the other one after my nap.

But when I woke up, she confessed she had eaten it 

My wife's cunning plan had backfired, and now she is terrified of seeing a weighing scale 


So after having stoked the fire of my wife's weight paranoia, I had a restful night's sleep ....

  • RV Lol. Poor Vineetha Rajan
    30 July at 04:37

  • MRB Nice to know both of you are seeing it with humour.
    30 July at 14:56
  • MRB We have to give a standing ovation for the strong woman standing beside you, always smiling, giving you positive strength. Our prayers to God to give her it to keep it up.
    30 July at 17:47
  • KJ It's great to read you so positive all the way , positive minds make quick recovery ,so mon see you fast in flying colours .... Great to read you , it's high time you started to write .... Love you both
    30 July at 20:11
  • SA a bit of extra weight won't hurt... more to grab onto Ben, when those hands of yours are back to normal!  (fun! fun! fun! hahaha)....Vineetha, chill out.... u've got the rest of ur life to watch ur a little!
    31 July at 01:35

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