Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day -1

Another really bad night's sleep, as I was waking every 1/2 hour

I woke up exhausted, but hoped that a hot shower would do the trick.

Only rATG today, but my potassium was low so needed an IV for this. More Benadryl to accompany the rATG and I was out like a light

Tomorrow will be the eagerly awaited Day 0, so I am making an effort to stay awake and have a good night's rest for the big day!

My WBC counts are very low, and I am almost neutropenic [which means no immunity]. This is a scary thought. But with this comes the knowledge that the rogue immune system that brought on my illness has been 'blown away'!

I feel that a chapter in my life is drawing to a close and a new one will begin tomorrow.

This is Bravo Echo November signing out ....

  • PN Have a good night's rest.
    22 July at 02:28
  • PP Keeping our fingers crossed.
    22 July at 02:44
  • GK Take care buddy.
    22 July at 03:48
  • DB All the best !
    22 July at 10:03
  • KJ Hope you will sleep well tonight .... God bless you mon
    22 July at 14:03
  • WM Keep them spirits has high as the drugs man!!:))) X
    22 July at 17:37

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