Thursday, 11 July 2013

If you’re going to do something, make it matter!

My Facebook buddy Bryan Hinkle had coined a phrase:

“If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

Bryan’s situation is similar to mine in so many ways, as he is battling with CIDP, has a supportive wife and two wonderful daughters. And like me, he is using Dr Burt’s SCT trial as his Excalibur, to slay the CIDP dragon!

I had been browsing Bryan’s blog, and read his phrase, “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.… and so I reflected on what had put me on the path to Chicago and the SCT trial.

There were recent events affecting my life that I DID mind about!!

In my current condition it would have been nigh on impossible to be a part of these events, let alone to DO anything about them.

This was the turning point in my life, and after many years of apathy by simply ‘going with the flow’, I decided to put everything in my life into perspective. 

If it was important to me, then I should do my utmost to make it an integral part of my being. I began to realize that I was drifting through life, carrying out tasks to exist but not to live!!

I wanted to LIVE my life!!

My view on the difference between existing and living is to ensure that anything I do must make a difference.  ‘Anything’ could cover the whole spectrum of life, from the immense task of getting myself healthy again, to the simple task of making a great cup of coffee in the morning!

Why waste the effort if it’s not going to be done properly!

So I finally opened my eyes and found that the answer had been right in front of me all these years (well, arguably for the last 7 years of the SCT trial for CIDP).

I have grabbed the best opportunity (the SCT trial) to help me live, knowing that anything in the past cannot be changed but everything in the future is a possibility ….

And my twist on Bryan’s phrase?

“If you’re going to do something, make it matter!!”

  • BAH I have chills reading this. I like the twist. The word that you used that really hits home is perspective. Without perspective we often just float through life.
    10 July at 20:19
  • BAH Thank you for posting today. It was good to here your words as I prepare for the chemo that will knock me for a loop. The day that is known as -6 in the transplant world.
    10 July at 20:22
  • SA A.W.E.S.O.M.E ..... that's proud of you to be able to put it all in such context..... there are people out there who are fully healthy.... and indeed are just 'exisiting' Kudos to you for wanting to live your life to the absolute fullest! xxxx
    10 July at 20:23
  • BTR Hi Bryan Wishing you well! I am 7 days behind you, so hope to meet you at Prentice next week - Ben
    10 July at 21:07
  • BAH Looking forward to that day. -Bryan
    10 July at 21:26
  • BEVJ Like very much!!! Hats off to you for your optimistic and how cheerful you have been through all this... and Vineetha... she is amazing!
    10 July at 22:00
  • DB Very eloquent - ever thought about becoming a motivational speaker ?! Your bravery through all of this has been amazing and an inspiration - and the same goes for Vineetha who has been there for you in the background , every step of the way , quietly going about the business of being your rock . I wish you both the very best .
    11 July at 00:24
  • RV I love your spirit, Ben.
  • AH You are an inspiration to all of us Ben. Hats off to you and what can we say about Vineeta:) one amazing woman .... Remember she brings that look back in your eyes:)))) every time . All the best and hope to see u guys soon
    11 July at 08:29
  • SB It's not easy to go thru such a difficult time and be so brave and cheerful.. You truly are an inspiration .. Vineetha is simply wonderful . She is superwoman !!! With great powers comes great responsibility.. She has been by your side helping you fight.. I am so proud of the kids. They have been so brave and amazing. You guys make a wonderful family . Good luck with the treatment and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx
    11 July at 08:47

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