Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 0

I didn't get much sleep last night partly due to the excitement of my upcoming stem cell transplant.

I decided to get out of bed at 7am, and had a long hot shower so that I would be 'squeaky clean' for my brand new stem cells.

Breakfast was ordered, but I was feeling a bit nauseous so took some medication to counteract this is.

Kaitlyn, my nurse for the day, came in just before 8am to introduce herself and also to give me pre-medication before the transplant.

Just before 10am, Jeannie (the chaplain for the oncology department) visited and asked if I would like my stem cells to be blessed, so I gratefully accepted her offer.

By 10am the transplant team had arrived, headed by Dr Burt.

Ron (the stem cell technician) was asked to defrost my cryogenically frozen stem cells.

... and shortly after this, Kaitlyn started the infusion.

The infusion took about 15 minutes, during which time I felt fairly comfortable although as usual the Benadryl took effect and I soon became a little lightheaded. It's not an unpleasant feeling, but it was slightly annoying when I wanted to be awake to absorb all the activity going on around me.

Everything was going like clockwork and my vital signs were monitored every 10 minutes for the next hour. The hour was up, and everything was deemed a success. Vineetha had been by my side the whole time, and I gave her a big hug. She has been a star, and I don't know how I would have coped without her.

Things were going well, and after getting over the morning's drowsiness I had some lunch.

So now it's a waiting game and hopefully 'a bunch of boring days' to follow.

As today was deemed to be 'new' birthday, the 'team' gave me a card signed by all of them.

I was also wished a Happy Birthday by my neighbour (from the next room) and Facebook buddy, Bryan Hinkle.

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  • SB Wow.. That's great. Fingers crossed xx
    22 July at 21:02
  • RV Hey Kaitlyn did mine too. How cool is that.
    22 July at 21:03
  • BAH Great pics! Hope today is going well for you.
    22 July at 21:22
  • DB Hope it all goes well for you !
    22 July at 23:16
  • EBG Great news . Xxx
    23 July at 03:05
  • TP Fantastic News!!! hope everything is going well, lots of love n prayers 
    23 July at 03:13
  • TJ Great!!! Hope it goes well!!! 
    23 July at 03:15
  • SK glad to hear! get well soon!
    23 July at 04:28

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