Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day +10

The nurse came into the room at 7:00am with a beaming smile on her face. My white blood cell count had reached 0.3, still neutropenic but it was the spike that everyone had been waiting for.

I was excited!

Dr Burt and his team made their rounds, and he suggested that I have an early Neupogen shot to nudge things along.

He booked another blood draw for 3:00pm, and if the count exceeded 0.8, then I could be discharged.

So it was another Butter Chicken masala box for lunch and my wait as the blood draw was sent off for testing.

At about 4:30pm, Becky returned exclaiming I had passed with a count of 1.3

All the discharge paperwork had been dealt with in the morning, so all that was left was the removal of my PICC line, which had served me well to give blood and to take all the drugs and fluids into my body.

Becky told me to take a deep breath and let it out slowly, and before I knew it the line was out.

This simple procedure marked the completion of my Stem Cell Transplant.

I came to Chicago 8 weeks ago to get myself better. 

As I reflected over what had happened over this period, I thought to myself "Job done!"

SA Hallelujah! May this mark the start of a new, exciting life for you my friend.... love to u, the wife and the kids xxxx
2 August at 00:52

SB Amazing .. So happy for you guys . Well done xxx
2 August at 01:38

RV Dear Ben, great! Now it starts.
2 August at 01:39

CS congrats... god bless you all
2 August at 02:44

JPH Job Well are both amazing people and a true inspiration! We love you so much. God bless all of you.
2 August at 02:27

MGK I noticed how each time Butter Chicken masala box worked wonders 
2 August at 04:19

BTR Hi Mathu, after 8 weeks from home, I had a massive craving for Indian food 
2 August at 04:21

SS i need to get me some of that butter chicken masala box....jokes aside that is wonderful news....and yes job well done to both of you.....congratulations....
2 August at 06:11

DC Hurray, well done to you all. What happens now?
2 August at 06:21

EBG Amazing news . Well done to you both for being so strong and positive. All our love to you all . Xxxx
2 August at 06:36

DR Wonderful news!! x
2 August at 07:00

WM Ben that's fantastic news.,... Onwards and upwards now and positive thoughts..... Keep the faith!!! ;))) X
2 August at 07:43

MRB Wonderful news...! When are you back in UK ?
2 August at 08:15

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