Friday, 2 August 2013

Day +11

I need to thank all of you who have read my posts and given such encouragement over the last 8 weeks.

So what happens now?

I have made arrangements to fly on 4 August, as the girls only return from New York on 3 August 

We will be home on Monday and I have eight blood tests scheduled until October so that my condition can be monitored by Dr Burt

Most of my medication will cease after that, except for an antiviral tablet which I need for 12 months

Most important is the physical therapy which I must work at to rebuild the muscle as my nerves regenerate.

The next 12 months will be very exciting for me, and I look forward to the subtle changes that are already happening each day ...

DP Great to exchange emails yesterday Ben. Fantastic news today and much more to come I'm sure. Take care and hopefully catch up in person soon!
2 August at 10:25

DC Good luck for the next year, I hope we can arrange to come and see you at some point when you're running upstairs like Rocky.
2 August at 11:07

WM Shoot for the moon Ben it's coming your way xx
2 August at 13:34

JPH Great news Ben. So happy to hear you lready seeing subtle changes. Amazing. Praise God.
2 August at 15:47

BAH Great. Remember Ann and I are still here for you.
2 August at 17:16

PN Dear Ben. Vijay and I are so happy for you. We are also waiting to read the next chapters of your book in advance. God bless. Really happy for you, Vineetha and kids.
2 August at 17:18

MW Great news Ben. It's all gone so well and sure you'll continue to build up your strength steadily. Not long now before you'll be home again.
2 August at 22:06

DC Got used to the regular 'Ben' up dates now so you can't stop when you get back
2 August at 22:49

AS Very good news Ben....looking fwd to catching up on ur return
3 August at 02:40

EBG Great to hear you are already feeling so positive.wishing you all a very safe journey. Will speak to you next week. All our love xxx
3 August at 12:50

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