Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day +22

One of the side effects of the SCT seems to be that my appearance has become younger. This is not solely my opinion, but it was mentioned by R (Nushi's friend's Mum) and also by my friend J last week.

Anyhow, R was due to collect the girls this morning and EBG along with SG were due to visit this afternoon.

So I started my day with a hot shower, and whilst enjoying the water falling on my (bald) head, I spotted my wife's vanilla flavoured body srcub and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to smear this all over my face. After all who knows how long the look would last, so I should make the most of it.

However, my efforts were wasted today as not one person commented on my new 'youthful' look

..... not one person at all, until Vineetha came home this evening and gave me a kiss before saying "You smell funny! What have you put on?"

Doh!! I was found out!

Darn these scented products .........

  • Seen by 30
  • ERB She said "funny" ? I guess she meant "fabulous" ! 
    14 August at 00:59
  • WM You are so funny insane at times glad to say its not changed your sense of humour!!! :)))
    14 August at 01:57
  • SS one of the more welcome side-effects it seems....and next time stick to the ummm...manly shower gels....
    14 August at 07:31
  • KJ Ha ha ha ...!!!!
    14 August at 14:27

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