Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day +12 [Addendum]

Before leaving hospital I had told Dr Burt that first thing in the morning my hearing had improved since the transplant, although this would worsen during the day.

I cited my evidence being that I could hear the nurses talk to me without the use of my hearing aid.

He shook his head before saying "Oh no, I don't think we've done you any favours if you can listen to a woman in the morning"

I wonder what he meant?

WM I wonder???......:)))
3 August at 21:47
DR Let's hope this is the only side effect! 
3 August at 23:03
ML And I had such respect for Dr Burt .......
3 August at 23:15
SB Lol .. You have 3 young ladies to listen to., your ears are blessed !!
4 August at 15:11

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