Thursday, 13 June 2013

Confirming diagnosis

We were all feeling a bit down yesterday evening after the meeting with Dr Burt.

But having slept on the idea, I realised that various tests had been done during the initial diagnosis of my illness which should confirm that the illness did not have genetic causes.

Unfortunately, I did not have copies of the test results and trying to obtain copies of my medical notes from the UK was proving very problematic.

But the game is not over until the fat lady sings, and I remembered copies of my notes had been sent to the Ayurvedic hospital in India that I had visited in 2007.

A quick call to my father-in-law in Kerala, and he was able to request copies to be emailed.

I received these within the hour, and promptly forwarded these on to Dr Burt.

I now have to wait for him to look at the paperwork I have sent, and hopefully I can convince him of the diagnosis.

Job done?

Let's wait and see

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  • DR What an industrious family. Well we always knew that! 
    13 June at 17:44
  • WM Fingers x Ben x
    13 June at 23:10
  • RV Ben, remember Allen is the key. Dr. Burt will go only by his recommendation. and my guess is that if 3 neurologists have confirmed it is CIDP, Dr. Allen will also come to the same conclusion. in the meanwhile try Giordano's deep pan pizza and breakfast at eggsperience also the cheesecake factory in John Hancock.
    14 June at 04:14
  • DR I concur with Ramgopal! In particular the Cheesecake Factory. Think of it as "reverse" liposuction. 
    14 June at 12:45
  • RV Hear hear
    14 June at 12:48
  • SA I'm thinking we need to take a trip to Chicago (If only and I wish!!!) to enjoy some of the wonderful memories you are creating with your wife and girls...aside from the hospital/doctor stuff....enjoy the sights/sounds/and food of course of Chicago.... God Bless!!! 
    14 June at 14:55

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