Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Evaluation [Day 3]

We had our meeting arranged at 1pm for the EMG and nerve conduction tests. I arrived punctually and was led away to the test area by Dr Buchanan.

She hooked me up to the machines as in previous tests I have had carried out in the UK, and started the process of electrocuting me to obtain some test results. She was very kind and kept apologising every time I flinched with pain.

But after 45 minutes of this, she didn't seem to be getting the results she wanted and disappeared to call Dr Allen. 

Dr Allen came into the room, briefly introduced himself and started zapping me with electric currents way above intensity that Dr Buchanan had used. 

No apologies here, as he just needed the results to confirm diagnosis. And time was running out!

After an hour of this, he said “Okay, we'll meet tomorrow”.

Then followed another night of anxiety, waiting for his diagnosis and then Dr Burt’s opinion on this.

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