Monday, 10 June 2013

Evaluation [Day 1]

I woke up early this morning, and I was really fired up!

Today was going to be a good day, the beginning of my new life.

Paula Gozdiak had sent me a schedule which I was reviewing this morning, and I knew it was going to be somewhat of a marathon.

We arrived at 201 E Huron and found a hospital that was probably the most plush I had ever been in. The foyer really could have passed off as one from a good quality hotel.

We went through to the Pulmonary Function department on the 8th floor of the Galter Pavilion for our 8:30am appointment, and after completing all the paperwork, I was lead off to a room with a large glass box containing various tubes and a seat which I was told to sit on . The technician explained what was required of me, and I spent the next 30 minutes blowing into a tube. After obtaining all the results she needed, I was released for the next stage.

The next step of the marathon required us to attend a 9:45am appointment on the 19th floor of the Galter Pavilion for a 2D Echo (a bit like an ultrasound of the heart). I was hooked up to the machine, and images were taken. However, more images were needed with contrast, so a cannula was inserted for the dye to be administered. After obtaining all the results she needed, I was released for the next stage with the cannula left in my hand as it would be required later on in the day for the MRI scan.

The third step of the marathon required us to walk to 676 N Saint Clair 2nd floor for a blood draw and an EKG. Signing in took ages, as they had to book in excess of 40 tests to be carried out. I knew there was going to be trouble when the nurse came in with a sack full of blood vials/bottles. I ended up filling 27 vials/bottles

The nurse then hooked me up to an EKG machine, and that was pretty uneventful and over in a matter of minutes.

As I was now suitably blood deficient, we took a break for lunch, and then went back to 201 E Huron 4th floor for an MRI and X-ray. The MRI scan was very much like any other one that I have had, but it took more than 2 hours. By the end I felt as if my head had been knocked for six, and had been well and truly roasted. (They really need more powerful fans in there, even if they do have a great catalogue of music for you to choose from). Fortunately I'm not claustrophobic, but I must confess that I dozed off in between which meant that some of the images had to be re-done!

The final step was the X-ray, which was over fairly quickly and I was able to return to my very tired, bored and extremely patient family.

We returned to the apartment, and enjoyed a very satisfying cup of coffee and a few Oreo cookies.

A tiring but very successful day.

Bring it on !!!!!!!

  • SA I'm on the sidelines cheering! Touch wood....let it all be a success!!! God-willing!
    11 June at 05:52
  • WM Woop woop new beginnings...... X
    11 June at 08:33
  • PN Have you seen the Oreo adv on TV with the dog? It is so cute. 
    11 June at 11:26
  • AS Hope all goes well buddy
    11 June at 16:36

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