Saturday, 29 June 2013


Neupogen shot number 4 was efficiently administered by Vineetha as usual.

But today I noticed that there was a small patch of blood at the injection site. As well as that, the hospital had warned me that I would be neutropenic by the end of the week, so I now need to be extra careful to avoid infection.

The advice from the hospital was to attend the Emergency Room if I had a fall or had a high temperature. However, I was warned that the Emergency Room doctors should not carry out any tests on me without first talking to the Transplant Unit. Apparently they have a tendency of carrying out every test under the sun, and I could possibly end up with a million-dollar hospital bill. That is something I am very keen to avoid.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, and then we will be on the Day of Harvest. I need a collection of 2 million stem cells. A fellow CIDP patient had his harvest on Thursday and reached a count of 17.89 million stem cells, so I am quite looking forward to seeing if I can reach that target.

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  • SA hope you get lots and lots of lovely healthy stem cells.... that allow you to be all shiny and new!!! don't go falling down anywhere...just be waited on hand and foot...(sorry VR)
    1 July at 17:48
  • VR Lol... Been doing that for years..
    1 July at 18:09
  • SA I know....but just a little bit longer.... after all this is done and is a success (God Willing)...your hubby's gonna dicover a new talent 'do everything for yourself' am sure he appreciates everything you do...he's a lucky dude xxx
    2 July at 05:44

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