Thursday, 20 June 2013

Positive Thinking

Thursdays seem to be a day of reflection for me.

After having slept through last night, I woke up and pondered on what Dr Burt had told me on Wednesday.

If the worst outcome was that the SCT would stop the progression of the illness, then that was a good thing!

In any case, he said it was uncharted territory for him and there was every possibility that I could demonstrate the recovery shown in other CIDP patients.

I'm a great believer in positive thinking, and I said to myself that now was the time to think positive.

Nush reinforced this thought by telling me, "Daddy, you always think positive so be positive!!

There!!  I have been well told....

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  • RV Nush rocks.
    23 June at 14:52
  • SA Nush is the of all is the fact that she is right....with what you have had to endure over the past years, wow, someone else in your shoes would have given up a long time ago...but you have remained so positive, and full of inner strength (so what if the outside of you hasn't been as strong), your inner strength and positivity and zest for life, have helped you get to where you are today....your wife has been your pillar, and your kids your laughter, your friends your encouragement...but if you weren't yourself positive, nothing else and no one else would have all in all Nush indeed does rock. xxxx
    23 June at 16:30
  • BTR You're right, Nush does rock! But I'm helped by great family and friends, and as you so rightly say, 'my pillar', Vineetha!!
    23 June at 16:34
  • JPH All four you are a great inspiration. You all rock!
    24 June at 03:29
  • KJ Right Mon , Nushie.... Is absolutely correct ..... Pray & believe ...... GOD will do the rest ..... 

    I know how great Vineetha is ??? Great job mol ... All our regards ...
    24 June at 19:04

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