Thursday, 13 June 2013

24 hour urine collection

*** WARNING *** Not a pleasant post

One of the tests I had to do was a 24 Hour urine collection.

I started this on Tuesday but the sample was invalid since it should have been refrigerated or put on ice.

So I started again on Thursday. It had been a little daunting trying to fill the 3 litre can, but as instructed by the hospital I put the can in the refrigerator.

Vineetha had popped out for a short walk to pick up some groceries, and on her return she walked through the door and almost dropped everything as she spotted Anoushka drinking a pale yellow liquid.

"No!!!!!! That's Daddy's pee!!" Vineetha screamed

Anoushka replied "No it isn't! It's apple juice. The nurses gave it to me yesterday."

I've not seen my wife so relieved in a long while.

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  • WM That's soooo funny can imagine vinny...., did she say "oh s**t"...:)))
    13 June at 23:09
  • DB I hope the nurses didnt give her the apple juice from a 3 litre can 
    14 June at 00:05
  • EBG Great story.
    14 June at 12:45
  • SA I can just picture Noushie just shrugging, and keep on drinking...bless! I certainly won't be buying 'apple juice in a 3 litre can'.... Lolxxx
    14 June at 13:06
  • VR Thats exactly what Nush did!!! Though I was thinking ...How sweet is Ben's pee????? As nush seemed to be really enjoying it. Lol
    14 June at 14:01
  • SA hahaha.... good old Nush! love her xx
    14 June at 15:58

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