Sunday, 9 June 2013

Arrival in Chicago

It had been a tiring journey from London to Chicago.

Lack of sleep and a long day had taken a lot out of me, and the tingling and muscle pain was fairly uncomfortable during the night.

CIDP had given me a good body blow, but I intend this to be the last!

Tomorrow we start the Evaluation testing, and hopefully will be on track to start the SCT process on 21 June.

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  • PN Looking good
    10 June at 03:46
  • RV awesome
    10 June at 04:17
  • DC I'm not sure the hat goes with the trainers.
    10 June at 06:08
  • DC Also glad you made it through an airport without breaking something, lol. Good luck with the next 8 weeks, we've got everything crossed that it goes ok.
    10 June at 08:39
  • AH Hey Ben we wish you all the luck in the world and hope everything goes to plan. Sorry we dint have a chance to call but really really hope all goes well.keep us posted:)) Lol 
    10 June at 08:52
  • RV Hope all goes well, thinking of you, love from the V's xx
    10 June at 13:26
  • MRB Nice to see you !! couldn´t Show this pic. to Uncle Roy. He is on his way to India. Will be back on 20th. I´m just back from Hamburg, after bringing him to the Airport.
    10 June at 16:40
  • JPH Ben and Vineetha we left a Vml on your landline and mobile. So happy to hear you are safely in Chicago.
    10 June at 18:21
  • BEVJ Glad to hear you guys got there , suitcases and all in spite of the drama and are in good spirits. We will follow your progress every day. Wishing you nothing but positive energy and lots of it.
    10 June at 18:44
  • DB The Al Capone look - nice ! Our best wishes are with you always - Good luck !!!! D and S.
    11 June at 00:02

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