Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day +70 [Week +10]

As the post-transplant days are moving on, the actual procedure feels as if it happened a long while ago. So bearing this in mind, I am going to change the time scale from Days to Weeks which means that I am now into week 10.

My blood work continues to be drawn fortnightly, and results have been good. As well as that, I am on course for my steroid reduction as I reduce to 2.5g daily from tomorrow.

I would love to say that there has been visible improvement since the Day +42 post, but in all honesty this has not been the case. 

However, under the surface things are happening!

My legs feel much firmer than before, such that I no longer feel the need to carry my crutch when I leave the house (Note: I have needed it for the last year)

I can walk upstairs much quicker than before, and I even attempted walking down stairs without holding the rail (I wasn't totally reckless, as I was already halfway down and in the event of a fall, I would hope not to hurt myself too seriously).

My fitness seems to be improving as the recovery time is much shorter after my cross-trainer sessions.

I am re-learning the art of tying my own shoe laces!

There appears to be some dexterity getting back to my fingers, as I practice picking up little objects and putting them into a pot as part of my daily exercise.

And I have hair growing, both on my scalp and face!

The downside of my new hair growth is that Vineetha and now the girls keep touching my head, as they said the hair "...feels nice and soft, a bit like a furry dog..."

Yet again, the girls of the household put me in my place :(

It reminds me of watching the girls play when they were toddlers, and I heard Tanisha tell Anoushka "I'm going to be Mamma, but you can be Daddy or the dog!"

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